Google URL Builder

Track your marketing campaigns effortlessly with our Google URL Builder tool. Easily add tag URLs to gain valuable insights in Google Analytics. Optimise your marketing strategies and make data-driven decisions. Take control of your campaign tracking with the power of Google URL Builder. Read our blog post on the Google URL Builder

Create your Google campaign URL

This refers to the web page where you want your visitors to be directed to when they click on your campaign link. It could be the homepage of your website or a specific product or service page. Show More
This field specifies the source of your campaign traffic. It represents the platform or website where the link will be placed or shared. It can be a social media platform, email newsletter, referral website, or any other source. For instance, if you're promoting your campaign on Facebook, you would enter "Facebook" as the campaign source. Show More
This field indicates the medium or marketing channel through which your campaign is being delivered. It describes the type of traffic or advertising medium used. Examples include "email," "social," "banner," "CPC" (cost-per-click), or "referral." If your campaign is being run through paid search ads, you might set the campaign medium as "paid_search" or "PPC" (pay-per-click). Show More
This field allows you to give a name to your campaign. It's typically used to identify and differentiate various marketing initiatives or promotions you're running. For example, you might use "summer_sale" as the campaign name for a special discount offer during the summer. Show More