Digital Consultancy

Our consultancy will help your business succeed with a tailored digital strategy that drives lasting value.

Create lasting value from your digital programme

We work closely to understand the goals of each client, their pain points and how we can solve these problems through our various services available on an outsourced or internal basis.

  • Understand your current position
  • Align and develop potential strategies
  • Agree and move forward

All in order for you to get maximum ROI from this process!

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Get the best ROI with our digital consulting

No matter what your looking to achieve the ability to strategise is essential to success.

Without a coherent and aligned strategy, the risk of misspent investment, poorly used resources and disappointing customer experience is much greater.

Collaborating with a reliable external partner will help you challenge and substantiate your digital strategy to guarantee success for you and your customers.

No matter your digital aspirations, our digital consultancy make certain that you achieve the best possible return on your investment.

70% of digital transformation projects will fail

The challenge for your business is to invest in the right technology at the right time. We can help drive your digital transformation forward so you maximise your ROI

Digital transformation consultancy for small business

Small business is the life blood of our economy. Developing a strategy to future proof your business should be an essential part of your plans.
If your asking yourself some of the questions below then Rule5 can help.
  • What systems have we outgrown?
  • Are we impacting efficiency across the business and what it's impact?
  • Are there bottlenecks slowing our growth?
  • Are processes taking too long?
  • Should we automate some functions?
  • Do some of our processes impact staff morale?
  • Can we improve our customers experience through technology?
  • What systems should be improve to provide maximum impact, growth and opportunities?
  • What technology can empower our staff?
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Digital consultation process



Working with you we identify your business structure, objectives and key stakeholders. We then define which areas of your business is within the scope of the transformation process.


Collate Data

We analyse and map out existing your systems and processes and collect data by interviewing your teams.



Using the collected data we analyse and identify business performance weak spots. This could vary from team to team and could repeated tasks or single processes.



Once all the data is collected and analysed we can recommend systems, services, applications and other forms of technology. These recommendations will be data driven, realistic and based on a wealth of experience.



We will produce a strategy roadmap for you based on our analysis. This will be a plan for developing and delivering our recommendations over a 12 to 18 month, keeping your transformation on budget and bringing you the best ROI.