Yard Force

Yard Force® is an internationally recognised brand with years of industry experience and knowledge, specialising in petrol, electric and battery-operated outdoor equipment. Full of unique and innovative technologies and ergonomic designs, Yard Force offers a comprehensive range of garden power tools offering reliability, durability and high performance.
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Yard Force


As an internationally recognised brand Yard Force® were looking for Europe wide solution for displaying and selling their large range of garden machinery. A complex project that not only needed to support multiple languages but multiple European offices all displaying, selling, processing and distributing their own unique products in their own languages.


During the build, we designed the site to implement a modern, clean look and feel. The site was designed with conversion in mind: we wanted to make it easy for consumers to buy the products they wanted.

We created a series of landing pages so specific products could be highlighted. We designed a very user-friendly shopping and check-out process that facilitated sales while boosting brand recognition.

Developing the backend functionality was a complex process. Consumers are automatically routed to the correct country's site via geolocation to improve the experience and each country has its own unique set of business processes and integrations that need to be handled.

We have been working continuously with the Yard Force® team on making the site improvements based on feedback and analysis. Always trying to improve the consumer experience.